Right vs Easy

There is always this fight between should do things to fix it for now or fix it for good. You might think it’s an easy choice. Fix it for good. But it ain’t that easy as it sounds like. Too many variables come into the play that deter you to take you away from fixing it for good and will make you take the easy way out. Life is all about choices.

Embrace Ambiguity

Title is so ambiguous, that I thought I will keep it this way. Let me start with defining Ambiguity. [Ambi] as a term means Two, two meanings. A statement interpreted in 2 different ways, it leads to ambiguity. Ambiguity is not uncertainty. Uncertainty is more of things we cannot deduce or where it can lead us to. But Ambiguity is more of, possibility of admitting more than one interpretation.

Big Picture

I came across this Blog Post. I liked it for its analogy on importance of big picture in our life. We get lost in details when sometime have to step back to see why those details matter. I guess we can apply this analogy for everything in life. Some fights over minor details might not matter when you step back and analyze. Switching Gears One should be able to oscillate between Micro and Macro view.

Just About Right

Lagom is an idea which I was introduced to by a youtube video I want to write my thoughts over this concept. When searched youtube, many videos popped up. The core concept being everything in moderation. We can also think as just about right. Everything right sized keeps you away from impressing others and start living. Nothing should not be too much or too little. Living your life with purpose which is something Ikigai from Japan introduced us.

What is BRAVING ?

I want to make a quick note for myself about this idea on this concept “Braving” from this Book “Dare To Lead”. Couple of things stand out for me in here. Change starts from us. Another thought is Leader needs to get comfortable saying NO and have a long term thinking. It starts from doing the right thing over easy. All the more, we can lead others only by knowing oneself well.

Keeping Things Simple

Simple means focusing on essentials. It’s hard to keep our focus on main things. To let main things be main things. Focusing on few things at a given point in time is important. Simple things when done consistently yield results in long term. Similar to how you start your meditation practice, by focusing on your breath or When you start your training in gym, by doing focusing on basics. Before we dive deep into anything, it is important to focus and train hard on basics.

Working with People

Life is short to get stuck in a rut, learning is the only way out. When you go to work, you are working with bunch of people. Every one of them have their own aspirations and style of working. Work in today’s world is not done by force but by mutual support and coordination. In a Corporate setup, we all work towards the same goal by contributing in our respective roles.