Overwhelmed with Ideas and Possibilities


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I have my handful and far too many things pending in my to-do list. I am not sure where to focus. Let’s say 2 things in my to-do list like,

  • Read the book that is sitting on my shelf for months
  • Write the article for my blog

These two to-do are from my current list. I am not able to pick which one to do first. Also, while doing one thing, I am thinking about the next on my list. This thought is bubbling up my anxiety. I came across this story, which goes like,

When a student went to a Zen master and asked him,” Master, if I start practicing now, how long will it take to master zen?”

Master replied, “10 years”

Now student responded, “How soon will I master the zen if I increase my efforts ?”

Master replied, “20 years”

Now student more curious and seemingly frustrated, “How soon will I master the zen, If I focus only on the practice and nothing else?”

Master replied, “30 years”

Student was surprised and confused, “Master, why the time keeps going up when I increase my efforts to attain the goal?”

Master replied, “You only have one eye on goal, so you will have only one eye on the path”

Focus on the effort and not the reward at the end of it

I believe we are all born to think, plan, strategize. But overthinking about the outcome, is what making me to see too many possibilities about things I can achieve, and I end up doing nothing. Rather if I could focus on putting effort in reading 10 pages every day or write few lines for my article, I may have ended up doing something.

I came across another story about doing things and getting caught up thinking and not moving. It goes like,

One day a monk entered a Monastery and asked the teacher, “I have entered Monastery, teach me”

Teacher replied, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?”

Monk said, “Yes, I did”

Teacher then said,” Then You had better wash the bowl”

Monk got enlightened.

The minimalist advice on how to go about life in general is by doing things with a lot of mindfulness or rather you say just keep at it. In doing things, you will learn all about it. It keeps my anxiety out and start enjoying the process of moving. Now I don’t think I have to lose weight, rather I focus on doing a bit each day to control diet or exercise and stretch. In doing things, you learn.

You complete what you start

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