Body Shaming


This article is purely my opinion. Take it or leave it.

People don’t realize mocking someone in name of fun with their body appearances, color or height or any other form of disability is not mocking the other, but showcasing oneself in poor light. I witnessed this in a recent encounter in a technical meet up. I know both folks, but one shaming the other in the name of joke was unacceptable. Furthermore, I didn’t realize he was shaming until a bit later. Not sure if he did this intentionally or not, nevertheless it has consequences.

Ok to be transparent, I have been a victim, and also I have done this to someone else. But in recent years, I am being more sensitive and learning to be empathetic. I am trying to be a better version of myself as I age. No one has any rights to mock or comment on anyone’s appearances. It is pure act of bullying and creates a negative environment.

Let’s define body shaming,

Body shaming is a form of verbal bullying or harassment that involves making negative comments about someone’s body or physical appearance. It can take many forms, including name-calling, teasing, mocking, and belittling comments. It can be done in public or in private, and it can be done by both strangers and people close to the person being shamed.

Body shaming can have serious consequences. It promotes low self-esteem in weak-minded people. This can further perpetuate body shaming and create an environment of negative self-image.

Everyone has the right to be respected and treated with kindness, regardless of their physical appearance. We all have the power to create a more positive and accepting environment by speaking out against body shaming. Encourage those around you to be respectful and understanding of other people’s bodies, and be an ally to those who may be discriminated against due to their physical appearance. With more understanding and acceptance, we can create a world where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin.

Let’s be nice to others and be kind. There are better jokes out there.

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