We need to run Marathon..


We call it peace of mind, but actually all we want is peace from mind - Naval Ravikanth

I push myself to edge or point of no return. I encounter array of constant Zoom calls and meetings. My mind races to solve one technical problem after another. I get out of work to spend time with my family but hard to unwind. Mind still churning things from work. Pending tasks and things to prepare for tomorrow or an email I need to send.

After work, My kid looks up to me to spend time with. There is never ending house errands and things to attend. At some point in time I miss the concept of work-life balance. I don’t know what is happening around me and I never bother when I am tired. I end up using social media and keep scrolling while I can go out and take a walk. Not only that, but I never enjoy anything anymore. This is more like going to the edge of no return. I don’t keep in touch with friends or get frustrated on incompetence around me or about myself. I am always tired and sleep at any given chance. Likewise, I don’t have energy anymore for anything outside work and I don’t exercise. Furthermore, I am unshaven for most part and I don’t have weekends and sleeps that are disturbed. My mind won’t calm down.

Life like above was something I have personally lived through back in my early days of my career. It has spoiled my health. I gained weight and lost muscles. I had back pains from improper posture and never learned anything new. Common knowledge is to wind down and take a different role and hoping that would be a fresh breath of air. But guy like me would go and work to point of no return even there.

Marathon, not a Dash

On a hindsight, I realized we are not running 100┬ám dash but rather a marathon. We need to run for long duration. We need to conserve our energy and spend appropriately. We need to pace ourselves well. If you google “tips for running marathon”, you will find few things like

  • Even if you feel good, pace yourself. Don’t get burned out
  • Conserve your energy
  • Plan your course
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Eat and sleep well

All these apply for us too. We need to pace, plan, conserve energy. Spend where you need to. Great leaders have paced themselves well. They were able to look long term.

We need a Break

Breaks refresh you physically and mentally. It helps you expand your mind. Tinkering with things without pressure. Do things that make you happy. Catch up with your family, friends. No rush and ability to move slowly in this rapidly moving world is refreshing. It gives you a perspective. Read a book, go for that long hike you always dreamt of, plan a party, go for a trip, all these helps you turn yourself off and switch on different you.

Recently star Indian Cricket Player, suffering from bad phase, took a break and this is what he has to say,

“As a captain, I can say that subconsciously your mind is always functioning, you get so used to the team planning on a daily basis, you get very little time to switch off”

Break can do wonders. When you return, you are ready to go and perform lot better than when you were tired. Break is like recharging a battery.

Break will do wonders. Try it and do them periodically. Good for you, everyone around you and company that employs you.

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