Patterns of Mentally Strong People

Are you mentally strong ? How do you know ? By the way, do you know yourself well enough ? These are some questions I thought to write about. Of course, I am not here to motivate anyone. But rather I want to write based on me watching people and my close friends. How some differentiate themselves being strong minded and face adversity. For example, let me share some stories without naming my friends ( they know who they are :) ).

Overcoming Disagreements

One thing that always make people turn in their seats is when someone disagrees. We generally don’t disagree well and end up burning bridges. I have my own experiences in the past where I learned some lessons on disagreements. As with everyone, I too learn from experience, some are hard lessons to swallow. Nevertheless, they are lessons and I make sure not to repeat them. So I ended up making some notes and as always I keep notes and reference with what some of the people I follow and observe from distant.

Brief View of Coffee – Part 2

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen Headley, North of Beautiful In part 1 article I wrote about the history and how coffee roasting is a first key step for a great coffee. Location influences coffee’s taste, also the cultivation methods. In this part, we will see how cultivation, harvesting, milling and roasting all contribute to a great cup of coffee.

Brief view of Coffee - Part-1

A favorite drink for many, consumed historically for many hundred years. A drink consumed at an estimated 2.25 billion cups everyday globally. Coffee has history and story of its own. As a coffee lover, I want to share its origin and spread and its first step in process - Roasting. Moreover, I come from southern India where Coffee has a strong presence culturally. Now being in U.S, which is a coffee drinking country, writing about coffee naturally fits in my blog.

Stories that made an Impact

Somewhere along the way, you hear a story. It doesn’t matter who said it but stays with you for long time or forever. I thought I want to write them down as these stories had an impact on me. Good thing about these stories, they are short. If you have not heard these stories before, let me know, I will be glad that I shared something new. Story 1: Please tie a cat ?

Memento Mori

This article is a long due for me. Idea originated like 6 years back when I was in my low of lows. People who know me then, know what I am referring to. Even if not it was a phase where I realized life’s worth. I recently came across this phrase - Memento Mori. It translates to Remember you will die . Death always has a negative connotation. But remembering death brings a sense of humility to your life and urgency towards your goals and living the life way you want.

Process over Results

Success is a target but a wrong metric by which you should measure how well you are doing. We all want to win but when focus is on winning, we are too late to change anything. It is a Lag Measure . Recently, I was in a meeting were team was analyzing an Issue report. Issues have a time before which Team has to resolve them. If they are past time, it is marked late.

Laws to understand the world better

When there is a learned or observed understanding on how things work in life, they usually come to see a pattern. Pattern’s purpose is to help one navigate and understand this world better. So here’s a small list of laws or fallacies that I find interesting. Pareto Principle 80/20 rule - came about in context of quality control. Can be applied in many fields. E.g 80% profit comes from 20% customer 80% land is owned by 20% people 80% activity comes from 20% of people in the community 80% of work is done by 20% of people and it goes on and on.

Learning to Write

Writing is need of the hour Writing is so essential in these days that many think it is only for writers or novelist. But if you turn around everyone writes in one form or other. You write email, documentation, chat, tweet, a facebook post. With the advent of pandemic, face to face interactions have reduced. We need to write more than ever. what is that really stops you from reading this text that is this long and why cant I continue to write this like and still have your attention and what in this sentence is something making you hard to follow what I am writing.

History of Chennai City

Chennai is a mega city or metro city. Capital of TamilNadu, India. Houses major port and an important city both politically, historically, culturally. I want to go backward in time and find when history of Chennai starts. Let you join my journey of findings. I am from this city’s suburb. I was trying to see what I could see Chennai from historical perspective. During british rule, it has been center for many important historic events.

Best Reads of 2021

Every year there will be certain articles that standout. I want to record for the fact what I read and revisit them when I can in the future. If it also interest you, take a read. It has everything from general reads, technology and long reads. I like to read whatever I get my hands and found fascinating and couple YouTube videos. These have definitely expanded my view a bit.

Right vs Easy

There is always this fight between should do things to fix it for now or fix it for good. You might think it’s an easy choice. Fix it for good. But it ain’t that easy as it sounds like. Too many variables come into the play that deter you to take you away from fixing it for good and will make you take the easy way out. Life is all about choices.

Embrace Ambiguity

Title is so ambiguous, that I thought I will keep it this way. Let me start with defining Ambiguity. [Ambi] as a term means Two, two meanings. A statement interpreted in 2 different ways, it leads to ambiguity. Ambiguity is not uncertainty. Uncertainty is more of things we cannot deduce or where it can lead us to. But Ambiguity is more of, possibility of admitting more than one interpretation.

Big Picture

I came across this Blog Post. I liked it for its analogy on importance of big picture in our life. We get lost in details when sometime have to step back to see why those details matter. I guess we can apply this analogy for everything in life. Some fights over minor details might not matter when you step back and analyze. I recently read a story which goes like this -

Just About Right

Lagom is an idea which I was introduced to by a youtube video I want to write my thoughts over this concept. When searched youtube, many videos popped up. The core concept being everything in moderation. We can also think as just about right. Everything right sized keeps you away from impressing others and start living. Nothing should not be too much or too little. Living your life with purpose which is something Ikigai from Japan introduced us.