Right vs Easy


There is always this fight between should do things to fix it for now or fix it for good. You might think it’s an easy choice. Fix it for good. But it ain’t that easy as it sounds like. Too many variables come into the play that deter you to take you away from fixing it for good and will make you take the easy way out.

Life is all about choices. What you choose defines you for rest of your life. If you choose easy, you are short-sighted. You are not seeing long enough. You might ask what’s in it for me. But you are asking wrong question my friend. Instead you should be asking what I might be gaining or learning out of this. You gain few things that defines you. You gain strength, respect from others, feel good about yourself , which is a big thing. You gain experience that no one take it away from you. You show the people the way to make things happen.

People you meet, your faith, your thoughts, your strength, your mindset, these define you. Do the right thing always. You don’t need to do this to make people to take notice of you. You do for your satisfaction. You do it for yourself. You do for Achieving greatness.

Doing Right things attracts right people to you. Gets you the opportunities that are right for you. Life is all about long term game and nothing short about it. People who fail to understand this game end up busted sooner. Doing right things is key to your soul’s happiness. Your being is defined by collection of right things you consistently do over your lifetime.

Choose right things over easy. I can think of a quote I read somewhere -

“ What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t comes easy”

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