Working with People


Life is short to get stuck in a rut, learning is the only way out.

When you go to work, you are working with bunch of people. Every one of them have their own aspirations and style of working. Work in today’s world is not done by force but by mutual support and coordination.

In a Corporate setup, we all work towards the same goal by contributing in our respective roles. It becomes effective if we understand others with whom you will be working before making a judgement or an assumption about their work. We need to know where they come from, context, what their values, Whats their strength. Knowing makes a difference in how you work with them.

You know what’s tough about this? We need to make a conscious effort to get know people. For which communication becomes important.

Trust is all about knowing others enough. Communicating what we think and knowing others thought process is important before we begin working with each other. We need to play to others strength than pointing out their weakness.

If you are managing a group of people, letting them know what are your expectations, immediate goals and where we want to go is important. Likewise it is important for others to let the boss know how they like to work and getting know their boss, that they make their boss effective.

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