Simple means focusing on essentials. It’s hard to keep our focus on main things. To let main things be main things. Focusing on few things at a given point in time is important. Simple things when done consistently yield results in long term. Similar to how you start your meditation practice, by focusing on your breath or When you start your training in gym, by doing focusing on basics. Before we dive deep into anything, it is important to focus and train hard on basics. Idea is to restrain ourselves from doing too many things at the same time.

So how we achieve this simplicity in our life ? How to focus on basics in your life ?

Prioritize your Life

Start with kindness. It is about being kind to yourself. You lead better life. Everything starts with it. Once we enjoy life, to sustain we need to Ruthlessly prioritize. By which we avoid non-essentials. It is our power to choose, not for others to choose it for you. Moment you prioritize, you start seeing the trade-offs better and reduce your decision-fatigue. It helps improve your clarity of thoughts as you have eliminated noise.

Develop Perspectives

One thing I learnt from recent interaction with my manager, that we need to understand everyone is trying their best in what in they are doing. read more on Tiny Buddha. This gives you a power to influence others to acheive more. Idea of influence comes not from persuasion but from this perspective that everyone is trying hard, all you need to do is support that. This simplifies the interaction with people. Focus on idea rather than spending time analyzing mistakes.

Focus on Essentials

Now that you made time , we need to make best use of it. Instead of being anxious we need to consciously focus on present and keep pressing forward. I used to be anxious about lot of things in life. This particular idea has changed me forever. Be Present. One other thing which I struggle on my personal projects is to finish what I start. But Whenever I complete a work, it makes me happy. You generate happiness by finishing what you started.

Being Vulnerable

Share how you feel. You don’t need to put brave face for everything. It’s okay to be vulnerable. A good support groups pulls you out when you feel you are in a pit. Another book recommendation from Brene Brown on vulnerability. Be open to Ideas be water my friend - Bruce lee

Know your Limitations

Develop self-awareness. Know your limits. Figure out your strengths. Focus what you do better and enjoy. It complements being present. You can develop this by reflect on your actions periodically. Understand where you need to improve and what you did great and made you happy. Keep a note of things. Both good and bad. More importantly keep a note of things you are thankful for. We take lot of things for granted in this life. This helps you to avoid over-committing. Promise things you can deliver. This gives you confidence to build reputation.

A note to my future self as is my any blog post. These are constant practice over one’s lifetime. We tend to over think or strive perfection and in the process complicate things. Ideas in this post helps us overcome complexity and drives us to be productive. All it takes is consistent practice over time.