Why Mindsets Matter ?



What we believe is who we are. Mind is constrained by our beliefs. When we are born into this world we don’t have belief. We are born with only fear of falling. Child lacks fear and does not believe in anything. As we grow up, we start forming our belief system based on our experiences. Should our past experience define us ?

Self-Comforting State

Humans generally avoid risks when possible. We don’t see further down the road how a particular action can have a damaging effect. Our evaluation of risk is short-sighted. So it is comforting to avoid risk where possible.


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Most of the us tend to stay in the Safe Zone. Coming out this nest has its benefits but major discomfort is the downside.

So can we come out of this safe zone after collecting all the facts ? Can we grow and move up in life if you put the needed effort ? — If you answered “YES” then it is Growth Mindset.

Defining Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is the belief that abilities can be cultivated. Anyone can learn anything and grow. You can create two different worlds. In one world, you stay within the green zone and think to oneself that he/she is not talented enough to grow out this. There is this feeling of permanency about the current state. Anything is possible in this world. By thinking you can learn doesn’t make you successful, but rather gives you the opportunity to grow.

In Growth mindset, individual is empowered to expand his limit boundary constantly. In growth mindset, there is nothing called boundary. World is the limit. Possibility is endless in this world. It is the starting point of growth and step into the world of opportunities.

Why it is important ?

As a child we keep learning at a rapid pace. We were constantly busy for no reason and found everything exciting. But when we grow up, society around us is constantly reminding us in various ways that you are no good. Eventually we tend to stop learning and stay in our self-imposed cocoon. We move towards stability and safety. They are good but there is a danger of being addicted to comfort. We attain a state where we think we know who we are and what our limits are.

In Business

  • We tend to micro-manage as we develop FOMO (Fear of missing out) . Fear is born out of lack of security and self belief. There is little room for error in Fixed Mindset world.
  • Growth Mindset - There is constant state of improvement. You always think there is a better way to do something. You don’t sleep on your laurels of the past. You keep moving. Companies thrive in this world.
  • Team with growth Mindset develops empathy and knows sharing knowledge is not losing power but gaining more knowledge. Team empowers itself. Constantly looks for improving itself. They take on more challenges. They grow together and have fun together.
  • They empower others

As a parent

  • Parents with growth mindset focus on the efforts kids put for the exam rather than the grades.
  • They don’t compare their kids with other kids.
  • Mistakes are allowed and they make sure kids learn from their failures. They empower their kids.

As a Leader

  • Leader with growth mindset trusts his team and builds on their strength.
  • Creativity and Innovativeness are welcome in his team
  • Growth-promoting Feedbacks and Questions that kickstarts the thought process
  • Promotes team to take on challenges and leads without authority

As a partner

  • Partners with growth mindset know there is no " Happily ever after " in relationships
  • Problems are faced rather than avoided
  • They know that “no one’s perfect” , so they empower each other to be better self
  • They don’t keep saying “Love you” , but rather support each other when they are low

Did you notice ?

Moment you have the growth mindset, it doesn’t mean you are up for success. You still need to put in whats required to be done. It is more of saying “YOU CAN” without a doubt and starting from that point on. Make a note when you say “Can You ?” and immediately replace that with “YOU CAN !”.

Keep Learning.

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