Notes from some favorite episodes of How I Built this.



My take away From CEO of Shopify and 5-hour energy drink.

  • Need a good product
  • Need bit of luck
  • You can do everything right, but without a good product you will still fail
  • Need to figure out who your audience or target customers are.
  • There are different kind of normal people with different background. Identifying and focusing on them is very important.
  • On parenting, from Manoj Bhargava if you raised your son bad, why give him money. If you raised him good, why he needs your money.
  • Bottom third of the world don’t have electricity. Serving people at bottom third, it’s costly and that’s a thrill.
  • One thing we need to focus on, should be to use common sense and being determined.
  • Resiliency - Your face hits the floor 20 times, you wake up 21st times.
  • There should be a sense of urgency. Don’t delay. Do it immediately.
  • Life of modesty does help.
  • Have your data of your product for your VC pitch.
  • Anxiety is common when you are an entrepreneur.
  • Hear your customers
  • Before spending time on advertising have a great product.
  • If you can’t yourself your product, then you are a con-man selling something which you won’t use yourself.
  • If you don’t believe there is no luck, then you are being arrogant.

Intuitive eating

  • Eat when you are in hungry.
  • Babies Turn away from Brest or bottle when they are full.
  • Choosing from wide variety of food when you are hungry.
  • Eating intuitively helps with self-image and controlled eating.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Pay attention to your hunger. Are you really hungry ?
  • When you are hungry ( peak ) you start eating anything.
  • Key is stop to have rules about food. There is room for all kinds of food.
  • Mindfulness - really enjoy your food. You body will say when to stop.
  • Ultimate goal is to be at peace with your food.
  • You get to decide and you are in control. You can stop when you need to. Weight loss is not the goal of this type of good.

From Instagram Founders

  • 50% time luck plays a part.
  • What you do with your luck separates the sucessful and unsuccessful.
  • Be ready to scale after launch
  • Customers dont care how much money you have raised, they care about the product value it provides
  • Need to be at right time and at right place.
  • Best lesson for an entrepreneur is failure
  • Sometimes you dont know the scale and reach of your product until you see it
  • No amount of money equals the happiness of seeing your product being used and loved by someone.
  • Product is all about what you solve and whom you are solving for.
  • Small decisions go a long way. Decision to keep instagram open for anyone to follow you

From Linkedin Learning

How to look for productive solutions at workplace

  • Hit the pause button and resume when everyone has calmed down.
  • Bring forth your data and logic behind your idea.
  • Always be fact based with your approach to deal with your concerns on anyone
  • ask for concerns in public
  • get conditional approvals to move forward.
  • Seek out Objections.
  • make your success their success
  • Get written commitments for passive aggressive people
  • Follow up on their commitments publicly
  • Pay attention to patterns of failed commitments
  • Have them explain shortfalls
  • Information is power
    • Without Information your idea cannot move forward.
    • Ask your information in public
    • GO forward with what you have
    • Call out when information is not provided.
    • Be rigorous of your efforts.
      • RACI Matrix
      • Responsible
      • Accountable
      • Consulted - these ppl have been consulted
      • Informed
  • Involve others in the process
  • Help others to understand their contribution
  • Always get commitments in public
  • Basic sensitivity analysis
  • Place the burden of proof on their plate
  • Build mentoring relationships
  • Send recap emails after meetings
  • Be patient and diligent
  • Look for common interactions and relationships
  • Build your own alliances
  • Understand what is stakeholder’s concerns
  • Question Motivations
  • Seek to understand the situation before you commit

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