Just About Right


Lagom is an idea which I was introduced to by a youtube video

I want to write my thoughts over this concept. When searched youtube, many videos popped up. The core concept being everything in moderation. We can also think as just about right. Everything right sized keeps you away from impressing others and start living. Nothing should not be too much or too little.

Living your life with purpose which is something Ikigai from Japan introduced us. Although not similar I am putting this together in my mind. Live your life with purpose and in moderation. Focus on things that create value in your life. Happiness is found when you avoid distractions and doing things you enjoy.

Quality over Quantity

Being content with what we have is a challenge. There is a constant social pressure to mimic others. To be part of a herd. One way to avoid this is to right size everything. Accept life as it is and strive to be your better self. Focus on small improvements and get 1% better at it. Quality of something is always greater than quantity.


It is a greatest place to start to avoid clutter in life. Concepts like Portion Control while trying to lose weight is not new. Moderation is a principle for life. Moderation is noted in Greeks’s Stoic Philosophy, Indian Pathanjali’s Yoga sutra convey concepts like Mental discipline.

Only when Manas (mind) with thoughts and the five senses stand still, and when Buddhi (intellect, power to reason) does not waver, that they call the highest path. That is what one calls Yoga, the stillness of the senses, concentration of the mind, It is not thoughtless heedless sluggishness, Yoga is creation and dissolution. — Katha Upanishad, 2.6.10-11

உடையது விளம்பேல் by Tamil Poet - Avvaiyar means “Never boast possessions (wealth, skills, or knowledge)” , which fits into non-splashy Swedish concept- Lagom.

Moderation is also a process of elimination. It brings Balance. You bring in balance not just by avoiding procurement but also through constant elimination. This also relates with the concept Minimalism.

I want to bring many such cozy concepts have been throughout our history and are all related in one way or other. All have touched upon ideas like Less is more, Focus, Unwavering Mind etc.

Seems modern but these are age-old. These concepts evolve and gets simplified over time but they are great rule-of-thumb for all of us.


P.S - I am not getting paid for recommending books.

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