It's all about People


It’s always, “All About People”

The world we live in today often fails to recognize the value of human beings

Month of June was rough for our family with back to back illness. We were down and tired. I assume most had their phases like these. But then I organized a small mini party for my daughter’s birthday. A close group of people. 4 families. Few I knew in last couple of years and few bit more than that. Nevertheless, party was warm, chilled, with lots of laughs and with great food. After the party, I was wondering what made it lively and interesting though it was with few people ( around 15 ). The fact they were forgiving any short comings about the party and everyone were about people. They want to talk and get to know people. Having a good time.

They didn’t bother to find problems in how party was organized and everyone chipped in to help where they can without being told so. Lots of laughs and we laugh about the mistakes or it could have been better. In fact I got some good constructive feedback like don’t go for big size for a specific food item. There is an alternate so we avoid food wastage etc.

It all about people than the material aspect of a party. Even with 15 people inside my home, I never felt out of place at any moment and everyone enjoyed and were casual.

In similar fashion, my close buddies met after 15 years everyone together at face to face. Something we have dreamt many times and talked about it a lot over video calls and chats. Though they discussed where to meet and place etc, finally it was about people. Everyone would have grown but to get back and see people in person and share a drink is pure bliss (I could not make it but sure in my bucketlist one day). Places don’t matter when the focus is on the people.

I have seen and been on trips where some might stress upon seeing all the places. Sure places do add memories, but it is the good memories you create with people stays long time and probably brings a smile on your face when you think about when you are old. When there is a choice, choose people as it brings good memory and gives a sense of belonging in long term.

People are always the center of evolution. We are a social animal first, everything else comes second. Focus on relationships, protect it, cherish it, celebrate it when possible. This applies to all types of people. Introverts are people who try to limit people but don’t eliminate. They look for quality rather than quantity. We vary in degree in how much of people we need in our life, otherwise we are all same.

“You need to understand your own feelings to understand the feelings of others.”

I read this article about how to be a Focused Leader. It says, to cultivate the awareness. For that there are 3 ways,

  • Inward focus
  • Focus on others
  • Outward focus

Inward focus and Focus on others helps a leader to cultivate the Emotional Intelligence. But it is the outward focus helps them to devise strategy, innovate, and manage organizations. They are good listeners and emphathetic in their approach. They prioritize people over completion of tasks. It doesn’t mean they dont care about tasks, but by focusing on people, they empower and get to root cause sooner. Investing in people is always a long term strategy.

Successful companies put customer first always. They listen to and trust them. They go all out to make sure customer enjoy their product. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos values customer obsession as one of his top 4 principles that made Amazon successful. When customer and people are in center of things, everyone around, including you grow.

History asks us to focus on people

Great leaders past, present have focused on people. Putting people first is a culture in itself. You need to do and ensure others do around you.

They see human beings as assets, not expenses, culture-driven, people-centered organiza- tions are different. They remain steadfast in their commitment, focusing foremost on people, not prof- its. In return, their people find ways to generate the necessary profits to ensure the organization’s sustain- ability. These are the organizations deserving of a legacy worth remembering

Great relationships and long term friendships blossom from focusing on people than results. Focusing on people means,

  • Find and retain good and honest people.
  • Treat people with fairness and respect
  • Empower people to realize their potential
  • Being Vulnerable
  • Celebrate people and their smallest achievments
  • Optimize process and work with people directly
  • Avoid Sarcasm. Its never nice

Enjoy relationships, avoid toxic people, be positive and helpful. Things will turn out usually good.

I want people to remember me as a good person, not as a good cricketer - MS Dhoni - Retired Player of Indian Cricket Team and influential captain.

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