Ideas we can think about


  • Your time is limited. Have courage to follow your heart and gain experience. Live your life and not anyone else’s.
  • Avoid stupidity. Find the points that’s hurting the most and fix it. Basically figure out the low hanging fruits
  • Always focus on bottlenecks. read this wiki
  • Humans desire what others desire. Its called Herd mentality. Develop your own desire and specialize
  • Only way to do a great work, is to enjoy while you do it
  • Closer you are with people, who share the same equality , will tend to fight more
  • Avoid competition. You are the brand, market it
  • Best Ideas comes from simple things before our eyes
  • History is underrated
  • When measure becomes target, it ceases to be a measure
  • Mastery in a craft means, you can explain it to a 10 yrs old in a way they can understand
  • Embrace change. Don’t be afraid of it. read from Toby Lutke , CEO of shopify
  • Little bit of something is good for you. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
  • More we learn something, more we understand we know less of that. read more here
  • Practice “Being in the moment”. It reduces anxiety, stress and promotes internal silence read here
  • Always ask more why’s , because the final why tell you the real answer you were looking for. read more
  • Economics of buying a land is same as buying a stock. Understand what you are buying
  • Don’t show enthusiasm when you are negotiating read more
  • Be clear about what you know and what you don’t know. read more
  • Unlearning is as equally important as learning.stay current
  • Democratizing the niche thing is hardest part, but once done there is so much abundance
  • Social media makes you forget history and live in constant consumption. There is abundance of knowledge in history. Look back to know what lies ahead
  • Develop your own mental model for all different situations, because decision making is tiresome and crucial affair
  • Find 3 good reasons before doing something. Rule of 3. Not 4 or 2 , just 3
  • Always eat the frog. Your first task for the day should be the hardest one. An idea I take it from this book
  • Always focus on things that compound over time. For example, thing I missed is my health. It compounds over time This brilliant article talks how successful people have done this
  • Learn to understand design. Design virtually plays a big role in every day life and in your career in some form. This pdf talks about that in detail
  • Most of things you learn is useless. If you don’t have a good way to process it and use it in an immediate context it ends up as mere consumption.
  • Develop a conscious ability to connect the dots this video from steve jobs, where he talks about connecting dots is the great speech which puts it well


Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs

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